How Do I Know if My Whole Deck Needs Replaced?

There are five major components to decks

  • Footers
  • Rough structural framing
  • Stairs
  • Decking
  • Guardrails

When you look at an old deck, you might be thinking it’s time to replace it, and you’re wondering how much does that cost? Unless you are changing the design, the good news is, you may only need to replace the decking, and the boards on top of the guardrail.

Why not everything else?

Sun damage is the worst, and next to that is water damage. The footers and rough framing are mostly protected by the decking. And guardrails are vertical, so they typically resist sun and water damage.

What is the cost difference between a new deck and just a cosmetic upgrade?

New construction is around $22 a square foot versus say $7 a square foot for cosmetics. Example is, the average size deck is around 400 square feet. 400x$22 is $8,800. 400 at $7 $2,800. A savings of 69%.

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