How to Find a Good Handyman in Charleston South Carolina

The very most important thing is rapport. I know right away if it will be a good working relationship or not. Questions to ask: Is the salesman smiling? In a good mood? Friendly and courteous? Are their shoes clean and or did they offer to take off their shoes before entering your house? Do they have references? 

Next Door has recently gained a lot of traffic and is one of the absolute best ways to find pretty much anything you are looking for. The best advertisement is what people are saying about you. If eighty percent of the people are saying good things, then it should be a go. Also the level of degree in communication can be a clue. If I am having a hard time getting a hold of someone or vise-versa, then most likely it may not work out. This is a huge deal here in Charleston for even trying to hire a handyman. I recently asked a client after they hired me if they received other quotes and they immediately said “No.” As I was confused I asked “Why?” They said” I asked three different companies and they said “Sure we’ll give you a quote.” and never got back to them. 

I have been in business for thirty  years, and have a lot of experience learning how to build rapport with clients easily and effectively, and get back to them asap or answer the phone immediately..  

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Jason Thompson

I grew up in a small town in Frederick County Maryland just outside of Baltimore and DC. I learned a lot from my Dad growing up about a great work ethic and how to do various handyman items. I started my first construction job at the age of 15 helping my girlfriend's dad build custom houses. That's when I learned the difference between a house and a custom house. I worked for various contractors but learned a lot from Dale White building houses and decks and how to do it the right way. At the age of 30, I decided to start my own business doing pressure washing and soon Incorporated carpentry. After 5 years I decided to pursue Music as a teacher and performer but found that I was chasing it and wasn't very enjoyable. I started Ultimate Craftsman on March 22nd of 2020. Charleston Craftsmen LLC was born And look forward to working with you and you are dreams!.